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Beezus and Ramona
by Beverly Cleary

Great for understanding the bases of your family

Killing of Patton
by Bill O Reilly

Bill O’Reilly’s book the killing of Patton is so well researched and documented it’s fascinating to see the history and the sequences of the physical problems that happened to Peyton and that’s why in the end it was not only want to send it close Patton today iPad mini interacted in sequential. I love the book because I love history and historical fiction obviously some of this historical fiction. Bill O’Reilly‘s books are all fascinated in their story of “the killings of”. I would highly recommend this book to someone who enjoys history and information about famous generals during the second world war. I have shared this book with many of my friends and they all loved it. I just wish Bill a very good more of these killing series.

The Godfather
by Mario Puzo

Even though the Godfather by Mario Puzo was written in the early 1970s some of the ideas of the mafia in New York and in Sicily still exist. This is the third time I’ve read this book and each time it gets better and better I see more intrigue in peoples lives as they enter twine in the godfather Italian style family. It’s interesting to see how there are actually some very nice people that have nothing to do with killings or robbery or any other kind of breaking the law in the United States and in Sicily. It’s kind of fun to read a book again and see how much he missed the first time around. So I would recommend this book to anybody who is a lover of drama mystery gangsters and imagination of people who are Italian Italian Americans and the poor people or rather unfortunate people who get into in twined and murdered along the way. Even share this book with your friends and neighbors.

Edge of danger
by Jack Higgins

I started I was not thinking I was going to like this jacket‘s book it was kind of slow in the beginning but after about 10 pages I realized this was one of Higgins top books in his style of writing it takes place in England and part of Arabia where are the very fiery Arab blood liners interact with the British people on the streets of London or it could be in the desert sun the characters really have a vendetta to settle in their object of their wrath is the president United States And some of the parts are called in the White House“ the basement so it also involves some IRA out of Northern Ireland. And more international intrigue with different people frantically finding more problems.

Rooster bar
by John Grisham

I came across this book rooster bar by John Grisham which is another fascinating book about different kinds of lawyers and have some lawyers go through law school and decided that it’s not worth it to be a lawyer and other lawyers proceed working enormous hours and has some lawyers and some firms make a lot of money and some firms and have lawyers which don’t make much money at all It doesn’t really matter which law school you went to whether it was a smaller school in Louisiana or Harvard law school or Yale law school or Princeton law school in the end some people just end up going to the rooster bar some drink a lot so I’m just practicing law there but it really is a bar place to drink and some people practice law there probably illegally ha ha. I enjoy this book because it continues in the style of writing the John Grisham does. A couple of times I got distracted because they were so many characters and I couldn’t keep them straight. So I went back a chapter or two and reread it and got all the characters straight. I highly recommend this book because it’s a fun page Turner and if you like the ins and outs of what happens in law you’ll enjoy this too. Sincerely Margaret Warren

The wedding dress
by Danielle Steel New Releases 2022 Hardcover

Danielle Steel here the author describes how a debutante in the early part of the 20th century is about to get married and she had her mother get on her ship to go to Paris to get a wonderful dress made. The dress has beautiful buttons and lace and satin and fits the debutante just perfectly. Danielle Steele talks about what’s happening in the early parts of the 20th century about how a war is going on between Europe and Asia and the United States and which relatives are dying. It’s really a very fascinating book to find out about history culture and define lives people live and lived in the beginning of the 20th century and goes on to see who of the generations descendants actually wear this dress and what type of descendants do not wear the dress because they’re more like a tomboy I love this book and have shared it with some of my relatives who thoroughly enjoyed it too so I hope other readers will enjoy this fun well put together historical novel

Past Present
by Past present Danielle Steel

In this fun book by Danielle steel past present is about a family who moves from A very nice Manhattan home with children going to very nice schools and very well established in the city of Manhattan for the husband‘s job on the West Coast in San Francisco they find a 20 bedroom mansion which has not been lived in for about 40 years. The wonderful idea of past and present talks about the people who lived there 100 years ago they show up and instead of looking like ghosts they’re all dressed in wonderful clothing and the family who lives who in the 21st century respect the fact that the ghosts are there. Danielle Steele sticks to her regular style of writing and talk talks about history and explains things during the first world war and talks about the depression and how different people in different homes in different coasts survived or not and which one of the ghosts died in the first world war and it’s a fascinating book and I really enjoyed it and hope you do too !!

The Sun Also Rise
by Earnest Hemingway Book

I truly loved the sun also rises by Hemingway. Many people think it’s a very gory book about the death of Bulls but I think bullfighting is an art. It’s a wonderful history of the art of the fighting and the drama that goes on in the fun country of Spain. Hemingway explains all the different steps it takes from the picadores to the matador in the way a matador dresses in the way matador behaves inside the building so I would recommend this book to people who like history and art and culture of the wonderful country of Spain.

Tapestry Of Fortunes
by Elizabeth Berg

Cecilia Ross recently had some life changing things happen to her close circle of friends and seems lost with what she should do next despite the fact that CeCe is a motivational speaker. After some coaxing from her mother about a group of women who are looking for a roommate; she convinces Cecilia to go and check it out. Cecilia takes one look at the house and the roommates she would share it with and decides why not! Her roommates are all different personalities but they all get along. The story tells you about each roommate and their backgrounds and their adventures past and present. Great Libby audio book to sit back and listen to while you escape from the outside world.

We Forgot Brock
by Carter Goodrich

Love the story . We’ve read it over and over!
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