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Aquatic Adventurer

The ocean is fascinating, terrifying, and full of wonder. You and your undersea adventurer can explore the ocean with these great books featuring all things aquatic!

Books About Feelings for Toddlers & Preschoolers

This is the reading list for Books About Feelings for Toddlers & Preschoolers mission. Read these books to answer the questions and receive a free book.

Characters Who Create Reading List

Read the books on the list, then answer the questions  in the Characters Who Create Teen Mission to receive the mission badge and a free book.

Magic Tree House Mission Reading List

This is your reading list for the Magic Tree House Mission. Read all of the books on the list and answer the questions to earn a badge and a free book!

St. Johns County's Excellent Adventure

This reading list will help you complete the related mission while also taking you on a great adventure!

The Locals List

These resources make for some great reading and watching. Explore some of the special moments in St. Johns County and Florida history, as well as activities that you ...
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United We Stand

Divided We Fall, United We Stand: a diverse range of stories about friendship, acceptance, and real-world issues important to teens.

Warriors: Medicine Cat Mission Reading List

This is the reading list for Warriors: Medicine Cat Mission Reading List.Complete the mission for a free book!

Wings of Fire: The Dragonett Prophecy Mission List

We challenge you to read the books in this list, then go and complete the READSquared Wings of Fire Mission: The Dragonett Prophecy   If you successfully comple ...
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