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Caterpillar Summer

This was a really great book which inspired a lot of excellent Book Club conversations. I enjoyed how complex the family relationships were and how they discussed dealing with death, building new family relationships and healing together.

Christy Miller College Years Until Tomorrow
by Robin Jones Gunn

Amazing book! Ready to read the next one. Fun to watch people grow as a person and their relationship with God and each other.

The Finders
by Jeffrey B Burton

This intense book was so hard to put down and walk away from it. My heart pounded and my hands would sweat at the twist and turns that took place in The Finders. The book has a serial killer, a divorced dog trainer and his cadaver dogs and police officers and they all make this book so addictive that hours would go by before I noticed that dinner time had come and gone. One fantastic read that I highly recommend.

A Week At The Shore
by Barbara Delinsky

Can you ever go back to your home that you left 20 years ago? Can you mend fences there even though you find your current life and career fulfilling? This wonderful book involves sisters, children, ex boyfriends and their past, a father who never supports the paths that his daughters have chosen and so much more. It's a love story and I found it to be a fabulous read.

Year One
by Nora Roberts

My wife recommended this to me and I decided to give it a try. . It is a cool story about a pandemic of some sort that wipes out almost 2/3 of the globe and releases magical abilities for certain people who use it for good or evil. It was a fun read that I thoroughly enjoyed. Once I read some of the other books I have stacked up I will read the next one in this series

Christy Miller Volume 2
by Robin Jones Gunn

Liked it very much! The first volume was great and this one was too.

The K Team
by David Rosenfelt

This is a new series for David Rosenfelt. The main character is Corey and he is a former policeman. Corey manages to get to keep his dog, Simon with help from Andy, Laurie's husband. In this book Laurie and Corey decide to make a investigation company called The K Team. There was many twists and turns all involving big financial investors, the stock market and plenty of murders. I was hoping to fall in love with this series but I must admit I really like the Andy Carpenter series much better. Although you might enjoy it; so give the series a try.

Hans Christian Andersen Fairy Tales
by Hans Christian Andersen

This was one of the BEST collections of fairy tales, alongside The Grimm Fairy Tales. It was well written and well translated. I loved it so much, and am glad I read it!

Once Upon A Quinceanera
by Julia Alvarez

This was a nonfiction book that was really cool to read It had the perfect balance of facts and humor, along with some personality by the author.

The Summer Cottage
by Viola Shipman

This is a story about a family cottage and a soon to be divorced woman. Her parents die and leave her the family cottage which she loves. Her soon to be ex husband insists that she sell the cottage but she decides to finally do something out of ordinary and says NO to her ex husband. The story takes off from there. It's full of great sayings that caused me to pause and take in the message. It is a great read whether it's summer or winter.
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