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The Little Paris Bookshop
by Nina George

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it was ok. the character himself was interesting but not enough for it to be a one sitting read.

See The Cat
by David Larochelle

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This book surprised me. It kept showing me things other than the dog. My favorite part was when Max the dog said “I am not a cat!” to express his feelings. It was funny when Baby Cakes appeared on a unicorn. Max finally shows the book he is a dog. I recommend this book.

Unicorns Are The Worst
by Alex Willan

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This fun story explains a goblin’s frustration with unicorns because they are so popular. By the end he sees that the pointy heads and glitter are useful. Fun book to read!

The Hundredth Queen
by Emily R. King

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The detail quality of this book was remarkable.

Katy No Pocket
by Emmy Payne

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This book was on my son’s summer reading list. Although older, it was still very interesting and taught my son about problem solving and perseverance. It actually hit home for me as a mom! I have had back surgery and have not been able to do what a lot of moms can do. For example, after 2 months of age, I could never lift my son again. Katy couldn’t carry her son because she had no pocket. She was sad that she wasn’t like the other moms and she had to do things different but she persevered! Katy finds people to ask for help and finally solves her problem. It may have been an unconventional “pocket “ but it worked just the same.

Doublecross 39 Clues
by Jude Watson

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Oh my god this is amazing!!!!! I love this, and it’s an amazing continuation to the 39 Clues series!!!!

Waiting Is Not Easy! (An Elephant and Piggie Book)
by Mo Willems

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Sweet story about the beauty of friendship, patience and nature.

Work Dogs Work
by James Horvath

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This one is a highway tale it’s so fun to read I love it!

Big Words for Little Geniuses
by Susan Patterson,James Patterson

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This book is an alphabet book. For each letter it has a different really big word. I never heard of any of these words before. I want to try and use one one day. The words sound really silly

by Karma Wilson

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This book was very silly. A bunch of horses are tired because they stay up all night playing. The farmer gets mad and stays up with them to make sure they go to sleep. Finally they do, but then the farmer is so tired that now HE falls asleep in the daytime. Then, the horses start to play again during the day.
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