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Chase Darkness With Me Billy Jensen
by Billy Jensen

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Another one that I could not put down! His writing style brings you along the journey and dives deep into the life of a crime story reporter. I felt like I was right there with him working on this cases.

Kindergarten Is Cool
by Linda Elovitz Marshall

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My husband read this and said it made my son cry about his fear of leaving mommy to go to school. It’s a good book to start over the summer to bring out those emotions so you can talk about them together before school starts.

I Am A Rainbow By Dolly Parton
by Dolly Parton

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A little outdated, needs an update but still very applicable for toddlers to identify their feelings to a color. Books like these help caregivers help kids identify what emotion they are feeling

Sick Days Berenstain Bears
by Jan Berenstain

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Love all the B-Bear books. Never outdated and still relevant to teach life lessons to our young children. My son has read almost every book in the collection.

The Witches Of St Petersburg
by Imogen Edwards-jones

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Enjoyed the book. A little slow at times, but you enjoyed a fiction version of Russian history, it was a good read.

The Keep
by Jennifer Egan

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It's a solid ghost story but the three stories joined together felt clunky - like it was done too hastily with the end result resembling more of a Frankenstein than a symphony. Some parts were compelling and held my interest well (the castle and all the backstory related to those characters) while others were hard to connect with (the backstory of the prison teacher). Ultimately I found myself very engaged during certain parts and zoning out during others.

Blue Moon Lee Child
by Lee Child

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Another winner in the Jack Reacher series by Lee Child. An ex military cop, Reacher always finds himself involved in something he had no intention of being involved with. Reacher is similar to the old Clint Eastwood characters, a tough guy fighting for the good guys. I like that he has many admitted flaws, like not being a good driver or good with technology. The stories always are fast paced and the story line is fantastic. If you’re not familiar with this author I would definitely recommend him. Tough guy with heartwarming stories entwined. I haven’t been disappointed with any of the Reacher novels.

Tuck Everlasting
by Natalie Babbitt

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This book is great for people who love make believe because it has magical ideas.

Blueberries For Sal
by Robert Mccloskey Children's Books

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Very old book but very cute. Even though the pictures were black and white, the fun follow along story kept my son interested and smiling at the plots unfolding

Havana Storm
by Clive Cussler

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This was definitely just another fun easy read in the Dirk Pitt adventure series. Ever since I read the first one many moons ago I have always enjoyed this series. It keeps me entertained for a few hours. Some folks might think the stories get a little cookie cutter but I think anyone that writes series like this tends to do them all in a similar manner.

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