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Keeper Of The Lost Cities
by Shannon Messenger

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If more people don’t read this book sooner, I will be disappointed. It is SO well constructed, and it’s just so well written! If you read it, you definitely won’t regret it. If you don’t, you’re missing out on a LOT. Also, the characters area amazing! Sophie is such a strong person, and she seems so human

by Gary Paulsen

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I think that this book is a VERY imaginative. It makes me think of what I would do if I were stranded in a forest. I liked the part where he makes a bow and arrow with a shoelace. For people who like adventure.

Don't Make Me Laugh
by James Stevenson

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This book was really cool! It was like it was talking to me! It had rules that I had to follow in order to get to the end of the book. I was good and listened. I wanted to laugh the whole time but one of the rules was not to. So I didn't. I wished it was longer.

The Little Paris Bookshop
by Nina George

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it was ok. the character himself was interesting but not enough for it to be a one sitting read.

I Funny
by James Patterson

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This book is hilarious! I love the way Patterson writes his characters and their arcs. Must read!!

by Joe Hill

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Reminiscent of his father Stephen King's writing. Loved this book.

by Karma Wilson

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This book was very silly. A bunch of horses are tired because they stay up all night playing. The farmer gets mad and stays up with them to make sure they go to sleep. Finally they do, but then the farmer is so tired that now HE falls asleep in the daytime. Then, the horses start to play again during the day.

Cam Jansen And The Mystery Of The Dinosaur Bones
by David Adler

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I think it is good b/c I could solve the mystery before the end. It's a cool book! I will read more by this author.

Doublecross 39 Clues
by Jude Watson

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Oh my god this is amazing!!!!! I love this, and it’s an amazing continuation to the 39 Clues series!!!!

The Tyrant's Tomb (Trials of Apollo, The Book Four)
by Rick Riordan

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So I couldn’t figure out how to give this four and a half, but I love everything Rick Riordan, and it’s incredibly constructed, and the way it’s written shows how human characters can be, rather than being a perfect person. It has every aspect of a good book covered.
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